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Video headgear or eyepatch?

It can always work for Halloween.


Remember how we all mocked the gadgets and appliances used by our parents when we were kids? You know, the "Veg-O-Matics," the "Pocket Fisherman" and pretty much anything else pitched by Ron Popeil on TV after 2 a.m.

Well, don't laugh--we're next. Imagine the reaction of our own children a decade from now when they find something like the "DataGlass HMD" in a corner of the basement. Accurately described by SCI FI Tech as a "cross between a pirate, a cyborg soldier and a member of the Borg hive," this multimedia headgear can always be used for Halloween if it doesn't work out as a virtual display device. Japan's Shimadzu says the HMD projects the equivalent of a 14-inch monitor before your eye(s) once connected to a computer or video player, though it's intended primarily for industrial use--something that's reflected in its $1,636 price.

That may seem like a lot, but just think of the fun it will bring your family for years to come.