Verizon G'zOne Boulder now with front speaker

The Verizon G'zOne Boulder is now shipping with a front speaker for better sound quality.

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G'zOne Boulder to have a front speaker?
G'zOne Boulder to have a front speaker? Phone Arena

If you read our review of the Verizon G'zOne Boulder, you'll notice that one of our complaints is the poor call quality, especially with the speakerphone.

Well, not only has Verizon rolled out a software update to improve that (the software update was released a few months ago), it looks like Casio is starting to ship a new version of the Boulder with a front speaker, presumably to improve the speakerphone quality that much more. We haven't heard any official announcements about it, and we don't see any images of it on the Verizon site, but this picture from PhoneArena seems pretty convincing. Let us know if you've seen this new design in the wild.