Vampire Great Gatsby? F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel gets undead spin

The famous novel's now officially in the public domain, which means new editions are on the way, including a graphic novel and a horror adaptation.

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Adding the undead to the classic novel Pride and Prejudice gave us the horror book and movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, so why not add vampires to The Great Gatsby?
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When you think of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic American novel The Great Gatsby, the undead might not be the first image that pops into your brain. 

But now that The Great Gatsby is in the public domain as of this month, new editions are on the way, as well as new takes on the story including an unexpected horror adaptation. In The Great Gatsby Undead by Kristen Briggs, published this month, fans find out Gatsby is actually a vampire.

The book cover for The Great Gatsby Undead by Kristen Briggs looks a lot like the original The Great Gatsby cover, only bloodier.


If it can be done with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, giving Gatsby a new life as a vampire isn't too far-fetched, right? 

The original Great Gatsby takes place during the Jazz Age in New York City and tells the tragic story of self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby and his romantic pursuit of a wealthy young woman named Daisy Buchanan whom he was in love with in his youth. In the new book The Great Gatsby Undead, the characters are the same, only creepier. 

"Nick Carraway meets his mysterious neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby doesn't seem to eat anything and has an aversion to silver, garlic and the sun, but good friends are hard to come by. Especially an interesting millionaire like Gatsby," The Great Gatsby Undead book description reads. 

"When Gatsby asks Nick to help catch a murderer, Nick just can't say no. And, of course, Nick agrees to set up a tea date for his cousin Daisy and Gatsby. It's harmless to reunite two old friends, until Nick realizes the truth he's known, deep down, the entire time. Jay Gatsby is a vampire."


The Great Gatsby: A Graphic Novel Adaptation by K. Woodman-Maynard. 

Candlewick Press

In addition to this new horror spin, Fitzgerald fans will get to read the original story (sans vampires) in comic book form with The Great Gatsby: A Graphic Novel Adaptation by K. Woodman-Maynard and Candlewick Press, which also comes out this month. 

Publisher Scribner, which previously held all rights to The Great Gatsby since the book was published in 1925, reissued the novel as recently as 2018. Currently, fans can read various book editions of The Great Gatsby with introductions by writers John Grisham, Min Jin Lee, Malcolm Bradbury and Wesley Morris, published from Scribner's various imprints.