Valve's Steam coming to Mac May 12

Valve's Steam software distribution software has finally gotten a release date, and it's just two weeks away.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

Mac gamers who have been eager for Valve to port over its Steam game distribution software to OS X now have a date to look forward to. Valve on Thursday finally set Wednesday, May 12, as the day when the software will be made available to the general public.

Valve has been testing the Mac version of its Steam client in a private beta since the end of March. Screenshots and videos of the pre-release software began leaking out just a few weeks later.

As mentioned in previous coverage, the software promises to bring the same digital distribution for games that PC users have been taking advantage of since Valve launched the service back in late 2003. It will also add a feature called Steam Play that will let gamers play a purchased title on both the Windows and Mac--that is, if the game is available on both platforms.

One detail that remains unconfirmed by the company, and that was apparently mentioned to a high-level Steam forums user with sources inside Valve, is that those who signed up for the Mac beta will gain access to the software ahead of the May 12 release date. That could be welcome news to those who can't wait another two weeks.