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V Cast TV rumors detail launch cities

V Cast TV is expcted to debut in the Midwest

Samsung SCH-U620

Though the iPhone announcement at Macworld completely trumped any cell phone news at CES, we did mange to find a few gems in Las Vegas. In fact, we liked Verizon's V Cast TV so much that we chose it as our pick for CNET's Best of CES in the cell phones category. The sharpness of the picture quality did wow us, and the supported handsets--the LG VX9400 and the Samsung SCH-U620--were pretty cool in their own right.

LG VX9400 LG

Now, of course, we have to wait until March for the service to launch. But even when it arrives, there's no telling whether San Francisco will be on the first list. Engadget is reporting that Minneapolis, Chicago, and Kansas City will be launch cities but that's all we know at this time. That, and it will cost $15 a month--and Verizon will have an exclusive on the service through October.