Use your Palm Pre and iPhone in the shower

A company called Two Eggplants has created soaps with a charming likeness to your favorite gadgets. They even come with a choice of fragrances.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Those who become excessively intimate, or even fall in love, with their favorite gadgets, need help.

You know who you are. You clutch your iPhone as you sit at a bar. You turn your Palm Pre over in your palm as if it were a stress reliever. You wish you could take your gadget into the shower, just for security.

Thankfully, some sensitive soul at a company called Two Eggplants has come up with an ingenious way for you to commune with your digital lifeblood, even as you are scrubbing up for the day. For a mere $7.99, you can be the proud owner of a soap that looks just like a Palm Pre (pictured) or an iPhone.

Two Eggplants

You can put this beautiful object to the right side of your head and use it to reduce your earwax residue. You can take your shower-safe Palm Pre and feel it glide across your heart and your lungs, a fantasy you have surely always cherished.

And, because we all indulge in the sniffing of inanimate objects on occasion, you will be delighted to know that you can put your Two Eggplants Palm Pre to your nose and discover the lasting aroma of chocolate truffles, or even your own customized fragrance.

Which surely makes you wonder why Palm and Apple didn't think of adding aromas with their electrically charged originals.

I know that by merely mentioning this work of clean ingenuity many of you will rush to secure your beloved machine, the soapy version. Please, though, make sure you never confuse the two after a heavy night of amusement. I would hate to see any of you trying to talk into a bar of soap at the office.