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Super Mario and Star Wars collide in this short film

The YouTube film studio Rizenvisual combines Nintendo's flagship franchise with Lucasfilm's sci-fi juggernaut.

For years, Mario and Luigi have been fighting Bowser and his minions with low-tech weaponry, like fire flowers and empty turtle shells.

So what are they going to do when the big brute decides to max out his credit card and build the most awesome weapon the universe has ever seen?

The Mario brothers would have no choice but to upgrade their weaponry and combine them with their existing powers and resources. The results might look something like a new video released on Friday by the short film studio Rizenvisual.

The short film takes the characters from the Super Mario universe and surgically implants them in the Star Wars universe. This time, Mario and his allies fly a squadron of X-Wing Starfighters to take on Bowser who has constructed the ultimate power in the universe. The film reenacts the iconic, climatic battle at the end of "Star Wars IV: A New Hope" and it litters the scene with familiar sights from the Mushroom Kingdom like Bullet Bills, Fire Piranha Plants and Goombas that can somehow fly advanced spacecraft despite the fact that they have no arms or opposable thumbs.