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Use Red Hat Linux, save $2,000 in Veritas clustering software

Red Hat is promising to save customers a bundle on their Veritas clustering software. Is this the beginning of the end?

Good catch by The VAR Guy in highlighting a new marketing campaign from Red Hat:

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform, you don't need expensive add-on software from Veritas to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing and high availability clustering. Red Hat's Cluster Suite can save you $2000 / server.

The VAR Guy suggests that "No portion of the traditional software market is safe from open source's advancements." I think he's right. It won't happen overnight, but it is absolutely happening.

The proprietary world is trying to consolidate the enterprise software stack to lower sales costs, raise prices, and stave off open-source competition, but the allure of better value in open source will increasingly cut into even this winning strategy. Watch this space.