USB drives--now with the scent of lavender

Some stores are giving away free Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male-scented USB drives with the purchase of a bottle of the cologne.

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Leslie Katz
Jean Paul Gaultier USB drive
Now your computer can sport a "comfortable, natural scent that embodies today's multidimensional male." Jean Paul Gaultier

I've never had the opportunity to sniff Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male fragrance (that I know of), but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want my computer smelling like it. Then again, there are those who might fancy the idea of cardamom, lavender, cedar, and amber wafting from their desks. If you're one of those people, read on.

Right now, some Boots stores in the U.K. are giving away free Le Male-scented USB drives with the purchase of a 2.5- or 4.2-ounce bottle of the cologne. The drive supposedly emits only a subtle scent (something your roommates will surely appreciate), but other than the little bit of information we spotted on Gizmodiva, we can't track down details such as storage capacity. We're pretty sure that bulge holds at least 2GB, though.

This isn't the first aromatherapy USB drive we've come across. These redolent drives, for example, promise to hold your favorite scent for up to two hours of use, thus functioning as a combination storage device/deodorant soap. Toss in a scented laptop, a perfumed printer, and an aromatic phone, and you've pretty much got yourself a rave for the senses--or a migraine.