Urinal sticker aims to stem flow of dirty men's rooms

The Thermal Urinal Fly sticker "aims to make the world's restrooms cleaner and safer-one urinal at a time." No, really.

Jeff Sparkman Senior Copy Editor / Reviews
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Jeff Sparkman
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Look out, Mr. Fly, urine trouble now. White Rabbit Express

Aim is important not just for billiards, sniper operations, and pitching. It's imperative for keeping men's rooms clean. "We aim to keep this bathroom clean; your aim will help" isn't just a pithy phrase to put on a placard above the urinals. It's a real problem. All kinds of factors affect where the stream settles: attention to detail, being considerate, and sobriety. That last one's kind of a pass, I suppose, but still.

The 21st century may not have provided us with the flying car yet, but the whizzes at White Rabbit Express are selling a surefire way to combat this pernicious problem. It's the Thermal Urinal Fly. This crafty little sticker (thanks, Japan!) is supposed to help prevent backsplash by giving prospective pee-ers a target to aim for. The best part is that since the sticker is temperature-sensitive (sort of like those Hypercolor shirts, except you pee on it), once the stream hits the fly, the heat makes it disappear. This is high technology at work, folks.

Now I know what you're saying. The same target effect can be achieved by tossing a handful of Cheerios in the urinal (though that poses logistical problems, as bathrooms would need dedicated Cheerio attendants) or even just dumping ice in. But you know what? Those solutions aren't cool stickers with a disappearing fly on them, are they?

Assuming this is not all a snarky Internet hoax, the bummer is that it costs 10 bucks for two stickers. But to be fair, White Rabbit Express says on its Web site that bulk pricing is available, so you could save a little that way.

No word on a possible follow-up to the Thermal Urinal Fly, the Thermal Dung Beetle, but really, isn't it just a matter of time?

(Via Inventor Spot)