Updated Toshiba Regza LCD TVs on the way

Thirteen new HDTVs debut for its Regza line of LCD flat-panel models in 2007, including some as large as 52 and 57 inches.

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Toshiba Regza LCD HDTVs
Toshiba's new HL67, HL167, and LX177 Regza LCD HDTVs CNET Networks

Toshiba will deliver 13 new HDTVs in its Regza line of LCD flat-panel models in 2007, including some as large as 52 and 57 inches.

The company highlighted five updated technologies that it hopes will distinguish its Regza LCDs from the increasingly fierce competition in the flat-panel arena. Among them: PixelPure3G (14-bit video processing designed to eliminate banding artifacts and offer improved video noise reduction); DynaLight (dynamic backlight adjustment, designed to optimize contrast); ColorBurst (wider color gamut); ClearFrame (120Hz screen refresh rate, which is said to diminish motion blur without adding flicker or reducing brightness); and CE-Link (HDMI-based control codes designed to better integrate TV and A/V sources using a single remote control). That's a lot of trademarked terminology (similar features are offered by rival manufacturers under differing names), but they do offer evidence that Toshiba is attempting to address some of LCD technology's weaknesses, such as poor black level and screen refresh rates as compared with plasma TVs. Whether or not they work as well as advertised will remain to be seen when the models ship in the spring and summer of 2007.

All of the 2007 models offer redesigned high-gloss black cabinets, built-in ATSC/QAM HD tuners, three HDMI inputs, and a PC (VGA) input. The models come in four tiered subseries, which break down as follows:

  • HL67 line: The entry-level Regza line offers 720p resolution and the PixelPure3G (14-bit video processor) and DynaLight (backlight adjustment) features described above. The line comprises four models: the 26HL67 (26-inch diagonal screen size), the 32HL67 (32 inches), the 37HL67 (37 inches), and the 42HL67 (42 inches). All are scheduled to be available in the March/April time frame.

  • LV67 line: Toshiba's so-called LCDVD line offers two models, the 26-inch 26LV67 and the 32-inch 32LV67. These are identical to their HL67 counterparts except for the inclusion of a built-in DVD player, and will be available in the spring as well.
  • HL167 line: Stepping up to the middle tier of the Regza line delivers models with full 1080p resolution (including a pixel-for-pixel native resolution mode that purists will no doubt enjoy). In addition to all of the features in the entry-level HL67 line (above), the HL167 models add ColorBurst (wide color gamut) and CE-Link compatibility (the latter with infrared passthrough, for increased interdevice communication). Models will be available in 42-inch (42HL167, March/April), 47-inch (47HL167, June/July), and 52-inch (52HL167, June/July) screen sizes.
  • LX177 line: At the top of the lineup is Toshiba's flagship Cinema Series. In addition to all of the features offered on the HL167 line, these models will also deliver 120Hz refresh rate ("ClearFrame") and Ethernet connectivity. (Toshiba also hints that the Cinema Series models offer HDMI 1.3--"Deep Color and xvYCC technology for enhanced color space"--and we're working to confirm that.) The four top tier models--the 42LX177, the 46LX177, the 52LX177, and the 57LX177--range in size from 42 to 57 inches and are scheduled to hit stores in the June/July time frame.
  • This is the first refresh of the Regza line since Toshiba launched the label in 2006. Toshiba will also be offering a slate of smaller, non-Regza LCD flat-panel models in sizes ranging from 15 to 23 inches.