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Unofficial 'Game of Thrones' Lego minifigs are full of fire

These Citizen Brick minifigs bear an awfully striking resemblance to characters from the "Game of Thrones" series.

Dragon Sword Fighter Force
You know Lego, Jon Snow. Citizen Brick

Winter is coming to your toy collection. The battle for the heart of Westeros can now take place using a set of modified Lego minifigs from Citizen Brick. This is an especially delightful development considering we're not likely to get "Game of Thrones" official Lego products anytime soon (or possibly ever).

George R.R. Martin minifig
This minifig may look familiar to fans. Citizen Brick

The pitch-perfect minifigs feature Khal Drogo, Daenerys Targaryen, the Red Woman, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow, Arya, and others. There's even a White Walker thrown in for good measure, no doubt to keep your Jon Snow figure busy. The detailing is fantastic, from the shoulder tattoos on Khal Drogo to Brienne of Tarth's gold armor.

Unfortunately, there's no Eddard Stark minifig, which would have been pretty perfect due to the detachable nature of the toy heads.

Since this is a totally unofficial montage, you'll see no mention of "Game of Thrones" on the Citizen Brick site. Instead, the set is sold under the name "Dragon Sword Fighter Force." The minifigs can be purchased in sets of three for $55, but the truly dedicated fan will want the complete collection of 12 characters for $220.

The full set comes with a special bonus minifig called "Sir Typesalot." Yep, it's a minifig of author George R.R. Martin wearing his trademark cap and suspenders. This particular minifig is the most dangerous of the lot, seeing as he holds the power of life and death over all the other minifigs. Sorry, *names deleted due to spoilers,* you won't be surviving this play session.

Citizen Brick is known for creating unofficial play sets using customized Lego minifigs, famously offering a with a little scowling Walter White figure. If you already own that set, then the Dragon Sword Fighter Force will offer some wonderful opportunities for crossover play. Jon Snow and Jesse Pinkman are pretty much the same character anyway.

Dragon Sword Fighter Force
The entire Dragon Sword collection. Citizen Brick