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Twitter working on a music app

Twitter wants to be your tool for discovering new music, Google Now may come to the iPhone, and each HTC One takes a long time to make.

CNET Update sings along:

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Twitter is working on a music app called Twitter Music, CNET has learned. First, Facebook adds a Music News Feed, now Twitter works on an app for discovering music. Is everyone trying to be more like MySpace?

Also in Wednesday's tech roundup:

- Samsung's Galaxy S4 may not have eye-scrolling technology, but we'll know for sure on Thursday. Follow CNET's live blog of the announcement. Coverage begins at 3 p.m. Pacific, 6 p.m. Eastern.

- Whatever Samsung announces, there will be plenty of promotion. A report shows Samsung spends more than Apple on marketing. For example: random tap-dancing performances in Times Square.

- HTC One is facing shipment delays, and may not hit stores until April. Perhaps its due to an all-metal body that takes more than 3 hours to assemble.

- Could Google Now be coming to iPhones? A video about Google Now for iOS was published to YouTube -- and quickly deleted.

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