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9 TV shows that go best with a side of Twitter

Similar to Haagen-Daaz or a glass of wine, Twitter is a perfect TV companion. We rounded up TV shows with huge audiences that love to #LiveTweet while they watch, so you can join in on the fun, too.

There's no better friend to watch TV with than Twitter; it's always on top of the best memes, doesn't talk over the dialogue and reaction GIFs flow like a Kanye West rant.

Twitter gets especially lively when a new episode of a popular TV show premiers. Immediately reacting to the same thing at the same time as millions of others is one of the unique and fun ways to use Twitter, especially when it includes tear-inducing sentimental moments or mic-drop worthy cliff hangers. In fact, Tweeting and TV have become so intertwined that the company paired up with Nielsen to get a better idea of who's watching what.

Below is a (mostly spoiler-free) round-up of shows that go better with a side of Twitter, whether you're participating in the mayhem or just LOL-ing at all the quality RTs. This is as good time as any to say, if you don't like spoilers or excessive #LiveTweets, stay away from Twitter during your favorite shows. You can always visit later to catch up on all the fire tweets.

Shonda Rhimes shows (#Shondaland, #TGIT)

If you've ever watched a show spearheaded by @shondarhimes, you know why they're so addictive. Basically every episode has unexpected twists, making Twitter the perfect place for freaking out. Her shows also tend to be led by strong woman protagonists and supported by a tastefully diverse cast. If you need to start from the beginning, they're all currently available on Netflix.

Scandal (#Scandal, #WhiteHat #Gladiators)

"Scandal" follows Olivia Pope, a well-connected damage control expert in Washington DC who used to wear a lot of white clothes, but a monochrome motif can only last so many seasons. She's in love with the President of the United States (and he's in love with her), but he's of course married to the First Lady. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Grey's Anatomy (#GreysAnatomy)

"Grey's Anatomy" is about a group of salacious doctors in Seattle. Well, their personal lives and relationships aren't wild enough to deserve a visit from Olivia Pope, however the endless drama, romance and rotating cast of dreamy doctors has helped the show easily sail into its 12th season.

How To Get Away With Murder (#HTGAWM)

"How To Get Away With Murder" is the latest ShondaLand success to grace the TV (and laptop) screens of millions. It has a lot in common with the other shows -- forbidden love, epic cliffhangers -- but in a college setting with a mysterious murder in the mix!

Empire (#Empire, #EmpireFOX)

If the 100% emoji were a person, it would be Cookie Lyon -- the fierce ex-wife of hip-hop mogul Lucious Lyon on the show "Empire". Cookie is a no-nonsense business woman who dresses on point, loves her family and hates her ex-husband. The show revolves around Empire Records (a fictitious record label, not the movie) so there are a lot of original songs sung throughout the show by the multi-talented cast. It's like "Glee", but cool.

The Walking Dead (#TWD, #TheWalkingDead)

Of course a show about dangerous dead people makes Twitter its liveliest. "The Walking Dead" has been one of the most tweeted about TV shows since it first premiered. Currently in its sixth season, the show's 90-minute season finale airs in April.

American Horror Story (#AHSFX)

"American Horror Story" isn't your average TV show. Each season has a different premise and actors from previous seasons are re-cast as different characters. They've had some epic guest stars, including Stevie Nicks and Lady Gaga, and creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that though different, all seasons are interlinked in some way.

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette (#TheBachelor, #BachelorNation, #TheBachelorette)

To the dismay of many, this season of "The Bachelor" just wrapped up. But don't worry, another one is right around the corner, and in the meantime you can watch "The Bachelorette". After 20 seasons (11 for "The Bachelorette"), fans still love the dramatic rose ceremonies and cheesy romance enough to consistently make it one of the most tweeted about shows. Even celebrities show no qualms for their fandom.

Supernatural (#Supernatural, #SPNFamily, #WinchesterWednesday)

This show has been on TV for as long as "The Bachelorette", but it couldn't be more different. "Supernatural" is about two brothers who investigate paranormal activities and get to do cool things like fight ghosts and demons. It's in the middle of its eleventh season and will definitely return for a twelfth.

Game of Thrones (#GameofThrones, #GoT)

Two words: Red Wedding

"Game of Thrones" has absolutely no qualms about killing its main characters. Thankfully, the show has a really big cast. If you're into medieval action fights, dragons and bloodthirsty-wannabe-kings, there's no show as epic as this one.