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Twitter highlights the most tweeted events from the Tokyo Olympics

Social media loved 13-year-old Rayssa Leal of Brazil winning silver in women's street skateboarding.

The internet celebrated some of the big Tokyo Olympics wins on Twitter.
Valery Sharifulin\TASS via Getty Images

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics came to a close Sunday night, but on Monday Twitter took a look back at the most noteworthy trends from the 17 days of international competition. 

The social media giant found that the most tweeted event was Brazil's Rayssa Leal winning silver in women's street skateboarding. Leal, who's 13 years old, previously saw viral fame when she dressed in a teal fairy costume at age 8 and filmed herself repeatedly attempting a heel-flip in Imperatriz, Brazil

The second most tweeted event was Japan winning gold in men's baseball, edging out the US team, followed by Japan winning gold in table tennis doubles to defeat China and winning gold in women's softball, outplaying the US.

Brazil's first place win in men's soccer over Spain was also among the most tweeted events. 

Beyond the events themselves, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics also produced some memorable memes including Rapper Snoop Dogg and comedian Kevin Hart's uncensored commentary on the equestrian events.