Twitter granting Bookmarks feature to all users today

Tired of using likes to save tweets for later? Twitter’s heard your pleas for a better solution.

Morgan Little Senior Director, Audience
Morgan leads the teams managing CNET's presence and content across social media, news platforms and more after stints in the marketing world and LA Times. Eventually his last byline on the site will be about something other than Godzilla
Morgan Little

Twitter users worldwide will get access to a long-awaited Bookmarks feature on Wednesday, with the company adding a new Share icon beneath all tweets. Tapping that new icon launches a prompt to share the tweet or add it to your Bookmarks.

Previously, users had been using likes as a workaround to create a tweet archive. But these archives were public, putting joke tweets alongside tweets saved for their awfulness. Bookmarks are entirely private, and accessible under your profile tab.

The update also moves all sharing outside of Twitter beneath that single Share icon, which will replace the DM icon in every tweet.

The rollout is the culmination of a project that began during a Twitter Hack Week in 2017 and will be available to all app and mobile users at some point Wednesday.