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Turn your home into a car stereo showroom

eBay has a dandy four-seater listed


Crave would never intentionally create domestic problems for anyone, but if we did--theoretically speaking, of course--we would dare our readers to bid on this eBay item: a "Winntech Scorpion" car media display. You know those huge set-ups in car stereo showrooms where you see and hear equipment in action? This is one of them, in spades.

It's a four-seat display (though only two are shown here), which will "switch between six head units, four speakers, four subwoofers and two video overheads, one video head unit and two headrest monitors," according to the auction's description. With all four seats installed, it measures a full 16 feet long--which would be a welcome surprise to greet your spouse in the living room (in fact, it would likely become the living room).

How much, you ask? It's starting bid is listed at $5,900, but shipping is estimated at another $700 to $1,700. Even so, that's still a bargain compared with the retail price of $35,000. Wait a minute--retail? We somehow doubt that these are regularly stocked in the aisles at Circuit City.