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Trying to get a handle on weird media players

This one looks like it's built for carrying more than anything else.

Global Sources

This may be the strangest media player we've seen since the one from Japan that gives facials in between MP3 tunes. And even that one didn't look quite so weird.

For some reason Taiwanese company Yung Fu Technology has come out with a player whose most noticeable feature is an undeniably ugly handle built into its frame, making it look more like some kind of power tool than a piece of personal electronics. And even if you can get past that, Engadget notes that there's no information on storage, pricing, or availability on this product, which has a 7-inch screen and weighs 2 pounds.

But given that this is being distributed by China-based Global Sources, that's not particularly surprising. This is, after all, the same outfit that's peddling the so-called Mercedes media player.