'Trek'-themed Acer Aspire R7 boldly goes up for auction

Finally, a Windows 8 machine that'll feel at home on other planets. As part of a "Star Trek Into Darkness" tie-in, Acer launches a limited-edition "Trek"-themed version of its ambitious Aspire R7.

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Leslie Katz
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Kind of see what we mean? Acer

On returning home from seeing "Star Trek Into Darkness" on Sunday, I couldn't help but wish my laptop had a more USS Enterprise-y feel. Thankfully, Acer has anticipated such consumer fancies, announcing Wednesday that it's partnered with Paramount to offer a limited-edition Trek-themed Aspire R7.

As is generally the case with such blockbuster-related gadgets, the tie-in here is entirely promotional. The touch-enabled laptop comes engraved with a stainless steel "Star Trek" logo, and includes a logo-festooned sleeve, a film poster signed by the film's cast, and "Star Trek" content such as wallpapers, a soundtrack, and a video game.

The ambitiously designed Aspire R7, however, does feature a flexible design that allows users to move and position the hinged 15.6-inch 1,920x1,080 touch screen as needed, including into a configuration that does sort of resemble the Enterprise.

Acer has already been tied up with "Star Trek Into Darkness," featuring a "explore beyond limits/seek new frontiers" marketing campaign for several of its products and offering a free Star Trek: The Video Game download for buyers of the Aspire R7.

Only 25 units of the "Trek"-themed Aspire R7 have launched, with only one available for purchase via auction on eBay. Bidding will start on June 12 and continue through June 24, with proceeds benefiting two charities: Save the Children and A Mission Continues, which aids military veterans.

The Windows 8 machine, a combination of laptop and all-in-one desktop, has a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5-3337U; a 500GB hard drive plus a 24GB SSD; an HD Webcam; and sells for a suggested retail price of $1,000. It'll be interesting if bidding goes stratospheric on the "Trek"-themed machine -- and if any Klingons try to get in on the action.