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Trayvon Martin, Twitter's birthday, and a Romney music video -- a week in social media

Almost everyone will miss almost everything discussed on social media.'s what was hot last week, including widely shared topics such as the killing of a Florida teen and Twitter's sixth birthday.

Credit: Illustration by Connie Sun (@DearConnie)

Another week has flown by in social-media land, which means, you--and I--have missed a lot of developments, new products, etc. Most of them, of course, don't matter, but these Week in Review posts (March 19; March 12; March 5; February 26February 19) are meant to help you catch up with the ones that do. Wherever I can, I insert Twitter handles so you'll have some new folks to follow. Each week, you can help by posting links in the comments section or e-mailing me or tweeting with @sree or #sreetips.

First stop: Mashable's 53 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed by Matt Petronzio (@MattPetronzio) is where I go to catch up with the best of what that site posted during the week. Several among them are worth saving for later, including:

The death of Trayvon Martin: This story was hard to miss. Thanks to social media and some crusading journalists, millions of people became aware of the shooting death of an unarmed African-American teenager by a neighborhood watch captain. To see the full extent of social media connections to the story, see this Know Your Meme page. Martin was wearing a hoodie when he was killed, and some have used their own hoodies as a way to bring attention to his killing. The most prominent tweet was this one by basketball superstar Lebron James (@KingJames). It's a photo of him and his Miami Heat teammates, all wearing hoodies. To keep up with developments see this Mother Jones primer by Adam Weinstein (@AdamWeinstein) and the Atlantic posts by Ta-Nehesi Coates (@Tanehesi).

LinkedIn's week in review: Thanks to a roundup of the most-shared stories on LinkedIn by Francesca Levy (@FrancescaToday), we get a glimpse of what people have been reading there. This week, the top stories were:

  1. The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time (HBR)
  2. 6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers (Inc.)
  3. Why Top Talent Leaves: Top 10 Reasons Boiled Down to 1 (Forbes)
  4. Why Bilinguals Are Smarter (NYT)
  5. Job Seekers Getting Asked For Facebook Passwords (AP)

Infographics Week in Review: I am a big fan of smart infographics and the best of them get a lot of play on social media. Here are three I noticed this week.

YouTube Week in Review: I'm going to try to highlight some videos each week, looking through the YouTube Trends Blog. The popular video I picked involves Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama, and a parody of an Eminem song.

If you want to catch up with all the videos you've likely missed, the YouTube Charts page is your one-stop shop--you can sort by most viewed/discussed/liked across categories and across time periods (week/month/all time).

Poynter Week in Review: Here are the most popular stories this week on the journalism site, shared by Julie Moos (@JulieMMoos), the site's director:

  1. Facebook users get news from family & friends, Twitter users get news from journalists
  2. 4 important truths about Mike Daisey's lies & the way 'This American Life' told them and The unanswered questions about 'This American Life' and journalism
  3. 6 trends for newspapers in 2012, from a Sunday boom to an executive bust
  4. Why journalists call Trayvon Martin death a shooting, but not a murder and Trayvon Martin story reveals new tools of media power, justice and How to cover Trayvon Martin killing: Report on 'racial tension' and look beyond the hoodie

My top three: Each week, I post screenshots of my tweets that got the most attention the previous week. I am hoping that, together, we can learn what works and what doesn't on Twitter. I use a free tool called Crowdbooster to identify these. By looking through these, you will also get some ideas of some new people to follow. 

The tweet with the most impressions (i.e., the total possible number of times someone could have seen a tweet--the sum of my followers and the followers of my retweeters) was about an unusual Nokia patent:

Credit: Crowdbooster / Screenshot by Sree Sreenivasan/CNET

The tweet with the most retweets was about LinkedIn's potential globally:

Credit: Crowdbooster / Screenshot by Sree Sreenivasan/CNET

Another tweet with a lot of retweets and impressions was about my online social media workshop and the #cjsm hashtag you can follow for tips:

Credit: Crowdbooster / Screenshot by Sree Sreenivasan/CNET

Readers, what did I miss? Post your thoughts in the comments below, please, or e-mail me or tweet me at @sree or #sreetips on Twitter.