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Transformers jewelry pleases the eye

An idea for keeping up with the A-list movie freaks.

The Harry Potter muggles line up in capes and Hogwarts scarves, the Trekkies have their uniforms and the Star Wars geeks have a variety of costumes to choose from when attending the opening night of a movie in the franchise.

Those are the A-list freaks.

What happens, when the brand has sort of a B-list cult following and you can't exactly dress like the characters?

Tomorrow, July 4 is the opening of and while I'm sure some clever folks will be decked out in garage regalia, it's kind of difficult to dress as a car that turns into a robot.

Transformers jewelry
Geek Alerts

Geek Alerts, the new English language version of a Swedish gadgets blog, has found just the thing for attending the Transformers movie.

So in addition to any Hasbro toys or GM cars you might be tempted to arrive with, you may want to take a cue from the LOTR folks and go for the Nordic-looking jewelry.

Japanese company Beagle has made some Transformers rings for about $200 and necklaces for $185, so you can identify whether you hail from Cybertron or Destron.