Track Android data usage with Onavo Count

Think you might be overpaying for data on your Android? Try this handy app for tracking the data each app uses.

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Nicole Cozma
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As more wireless carriers switch to tiered, capped, and throttled data plans, it's becoming more important to be aware of your data consumption. By knowing just how much data you need when mobile it becomes easier to select a plan that fits your needs. After all, the prices of unlimited data plans have gone up, and even the medium tier plans can cost a pretty penny. So how can you find out which apps are eating all your data and ultimately pick the right plan?

Onavo, mostly known for its work in data compression on iOS, offers an app that will help answer your data questions. Unlike a lot of the carrier-loaded apps for monitoring data, this app features a clean and easy-to-use UI along with alert features for when you approach your data limits. You can also see how much data each app is using.

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First you'll need to download a copy of Onavo Count for your Android device.

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Next, open the app and press Set up your data cap and enter your information. Once you've finished, touch the Set Data Plan button.

Entering the billing date is recommended, but you can skip the price option if you like. There is an option for unlimited plans so users can see if it's worth paying for unlimited or they can reduce their bill by choosing a lower tier data plan.

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If you're not a fan of the Onavo data icon keeping residence in your notification shade, you can turn it off. Open the Settings area by pressing the Menu button. Tap Ongoing Notification and then press the Disable button.

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The most notable features of this app are the predictive alerts for when you will reach a data cap at your current rate of use and the widget selection. The widgets offer real-time updates to where you are with your data plan.

As mentioned before, Onavo also does data compression to help reduce your monthly data consumption. If this is interesting to you, and you have an Android 4.0 device, check out Onavo Extend. And if Onavo isn't for you, check out Ed Rhee's How to track data on your Android phone for a collection of other apps to choose from.

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