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Top 5 things to do with an old Kindle Fire

There are some new Kindle tablets in town, but that doesn't mean the old Fire is extinguished. Here are the Top 5 ways to put your old Kindle Fire to good use.

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Amazon's original Kindle Fire tablet has been officially put out to pasture. In its place are four new tablets, a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD, a version with laughably limited 4G, and an entry-level model that looks like the original, but isn't.

Whether you'll end up buying one of Amazon's new tablets, or one of its competitors', a lot of you are probably asking yourselves, "What do I do with my old Kindle Fire?"

Well, I'm sure you could auction it for charity or donate it to an orphanage, but let's be realistic. If you're reading CNET, you probably hoard gadgets like you're stockpiling for your own post-apocalyptic tech depot.


Seriously, though, I took a moment to think of some useful ways to use your retired Kindle Fire. It's just my way of being helpful and exploiting trending topics for my own personal wealth. So, you're welcome.

But this list is just a start. If you have other suggestions, let's hear them.