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Too fast, too furious: San Diego fireworks torched by tech glitch

Bang on the Fourth of July. The whole, um, shebang of San Diego's official fireworks display went off in 15 seconds instead of 20 minutes. Organizers blame the electronics.

CNN Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You've seen one fireworks display, and, well, the next one doesn't seem all that different.

However, those who went to see San Diego's Independence Day fireworks last night surely left with a feeling like no fireworks display had ever given them.

For instead of 20 minutes of flash! whoosh! red, white, blue! ooooooooh! -- the whole shebang went off with a bang. At once.

Yes, they were gone in 15 seconds.

As CNN explains it, San Diego's "Big Bay Boom" was definitely big and definitely booming, as the fireworks were set off five minutes too soon, all immediately chasing each other into the sky.

Some were reportedly disappointed with the rather swift emission of all the fireworks. There was talk of the noise being so loud that car alarms went off and people stood in awe and wonder.

A few even imagined there might be a do-over.

The truth, though, seems to be that this was a technological mishap.

August Santore of Garden State Fireworks, the company responsible for the show, told CNN: "This is very uncommon. There was nothing in the pyrotechnics that went wrong. It was the electronics."

For its part, the Port of San Diego tweeted: "We sincerely apologize for the technical glitch that affected the #BigBayBoom. Event producers are currently investigating the cause."

Naturally, the crude and cruel have already dubbed this a "fail." Yes, worse than the San Diego Chargers' humiliation in the 1995 Super Bowl. Some on Twitter have even intimated sabotage. (See the replies to the tweet below.)

Personally, I would like to see more displays like this. This seems far more exciting than the usual sedate, choreographed affairs that are accompanied by quite a lot of Taylor Swift.

A vast and explosive 15-second display surely sends a more dynamic message: This is America. We go in quick. We go in hard. We make sure you never forget us.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET