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'Tis the season to Crave: Lindsey Turrentine's picks

Lindsey Turrentine's holiday wish list of tech products to Crave

NOTE: From now through December, every few days a different Crave expert will be posting his or her top 10 gadget picks for the holidays. See what we crave, and maybe you'll get some ideas! Here's our fifth installment.

Lindsey Turrentine

Lindsey Turrentine is CNET's executive editor of mobile technology. Anything she craves is probably something that gives her more time with her two lovely young children (or is something that cleans up after them, or blocks out the noise they generate, or helps Lindsey forget that she has two small kids that she, of course, loves very much).

1. Honda FCX Concept fuel cell vehicle OK, OK. I know I can't really have a concept car for Christmas, but Santa can work miracles, or so I'm told. And anyway, this hydrogen car is due on the roads by 2008, so I need to get working on my gifters. A girl can dream, right?

2. Archos 604-Wi-Fi I already have an iPod Nano 2GB (green!), but I need two players: one is for both working out (ha!) and generally distracting myself while on the move; the other needs to be, you know, cool. I rarely have time to watch TV at home, and it's not too tough to get just about any video format on this gorgeous Wi-Fi thing. How else will I watch the rest of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip before it gets canceled?

3. DLO AutoPod I already mentioned that I have an iPod. But I don't have an in-house mechanic to hard wire my car stereo (nor do I have the appropriate single-DIN dashboard slot for a new stereo). So, in the meantime, I want the most functional car transmitter I can find. This is it.

4. Shure E4c And while I'm still thinking about iPods, I need some new earbuds. Badly. For one thing, the Apple set hurts my ears. For another, I can't hear This American Life on the bus for all the ambient noise. Enter some kick-ass earbuds. This pair is no spring chicken--they've been on the market for a year and a half--but they still reign supreme.

5. Slingbox A/V What am I going to watch on my new Archos 604-WiFi? Why, anything, thanks to my new Slingbox. That's why I need to trade in my Palm Treo 650 (Slingbox doesn't play with Palm yet) for a brand-new...

CNET Networks

6. Samsung BlackJack Once I own the "slimmest QWERTY phone" in the world, I'll be free to watch TV (oh, yeah, and work) anywhere, any time. Plus, I need something sleek to offset the kid gear always in tow.

7. Sony KDL 40XBR2 LCD TV If you saw my living room, you'd know why I'm never actually going to get this TV. I'd have to have a new living room built for it--one with large walls. So maybe I should rename this item "completely remodeled living room" or--even better--"second-story addition with entertainment room." Again, a girl can dream.

8. iRobot Scooba I'm not the first Craver to lust over a mopping robot, and I'm probably not the last. As long as my baby still flings pureed carrots on the floor, I'll keep asking for the Scooba.


9. MobiCam 70007 Ultra Wireless Monitoring System I already have a video baby monitor at home, but it takes a picture of one room, and that's it. Somehow, and I don't understand how this works, this system lets you add multiple cameras and spy on multiple rugrats simultaneously. Wow. I could start my own mall security company! (I'm sure there are plenty of pervy uses for this thing, but I refuse to go there. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

10. Sony Cyber Shot GPS-CS1 Honestly, I might not ever use this. But I love the idea of tracking the GPS coordinates of my photos. Armed with this and my trusty ol' Canon Digital Rebel, I could take the navel-gazing art of blogging to a whole new Google Maps mashup level. Watch out, friends and family.

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