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Tiffen brings Steadicam to iPhone 3GS

New gadget from Tiffen brings Steadicam technology to the iPhone 3GS. It promises to bring smoother video to what would otherwise be shaky footage.

Camera accessory maker Tiffen's new Steadicam gadget for the iPhone 3GS should have some heads turning--that is, if you bring it to your next barbecue or family event. The "Smoothee," as Tiffen calls it, looks similar to a Jai Alai mitt and lets you strap an iPhone onto a platform that's kept stable by a counterweight. As you move one way, the attached weight counters your actions. The setup promises smoother video shots from shots that would otherwise be made herky-jerky by sudden body movements.

In addition to being hand-held, users can disconnect the phone-holding mount from its handle to be attached to tripods or flat surfaces. Neither of those options offer the benefits of the counterweight, however.

Tiffen has not yet announced price or availability for the Smoothie, though considering it's listed in the company's "professional" category, it could end up being pricey. Embedded below is the promo video with some example clips.