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Three new Zune HD apps trickle into the wild

Microsoft releases three new apps for the Zune HD, including Solitaire, Labyrinth, and Stopwatch.

Screen shot of Labyrinth game for Zune HD.
The Labyrinth puzzle game for Zune HD has users tilting a ball through a maze using the Zune's integrated accelerometer. Microsoft

Slowly but surely, Microsoft has been checking off any lingering complaints over the Zune HD. Users want a 64GB model--done. Lower prices? Sure. Broader video format support? Here you go.

But one deafening request from Zune HD owners has remained largely unanswered: "Give us more apps!"

To help pacify some of the demand, Microsoft pushed out three new apps Tuesday for the Zune HD, giving the device a nice, round total of 20 available apps.

The new offerings include a stopwatch utility, a game of Solitaire, and a Labyrinth puzzle. None of the new apps are likely to cause pangs of jealousy from iPod Touch owners, although at least they're free.

Zune HD fans can download the new apps immediately though Microsoft's Zune Marketplace software, or directly to the device over Wi-Fi.