Three iPhone apps to keep track of gift cards

As we all know, gift cards are a popular holiday gift. Keeping track of gift cards can be a chore, however. Here are three iPhone apps to help you keep track of your gift card balances.

Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani
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Jason Cipriani
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What's the best way to keep track of the gift cards, and their respective balances, you received from family and friends around the holidays?

While we may not have a concrete answer to a common problem, we do have three apps that aim to help you keep better track of your gift cards. Some solutions are free, and others will cost you no more than 99 cents.

Amber Back

GiftCards-Balance Tracker [iTunes link]
GiftCards-Balance Tracker (99 cents) allows you quickly enter and store gift card information. You are also able to enter card names and an opening balance. Once a gift card and beginning balance have been entered, you can then keep track of transactions for the card by entering a name for the transaction as well as dollar amount. GiftCards will keep track of your balance, including entered transactions automatically, no math required.

This app works great, if you can remember to take a few seconds to enter your transactions.

Frisco Technology

Gift Card [iTunes link]
Gift Card (99 cents) goes a bit more into the details of keeping track of gift cards. You are able to enter gift card names, pictures for each card, expiration dates, and transactions.

Some additional features: you can add a picture of the receipt to help keep track of your transactions, and you can set a PIN code for the app, keeping your gift card information private. You can also e-mail yourself a backup file of your gift cards.

Wildcard Network Inc.

Wildcard [iTunes link]
Wildcard (free) has the richest feature set of the three apps listed. The app allows you to not only enter and track the same information as the previous two apps, but you can also create a scannable bar code directly within the app for each gift card. The next time you are at a register and want to pay with a gift card, pull up the particular card in the app and show the clerk the bar code. Magic.

Going even further, you can also buy cards directly within the app, or even send a card to a friend or family member.

Any one of these apps will do a great job at keeping track of your gift cards this holiday season and beyond. Wildcard seems like the obvious choice, but sometimes less is more when it comes to features.