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This Ned Flanders metal band is Okilly Dokilly by me

If you're going to make a band, a crazy scheme is a good way way to go. This Ned Flanders-themed metal band is fan-diddly-tastic.

Members of the Ned Flanders-inspired Okilly Dokilly band dress up like the Simpsons' best neighborino.
Okilly Dokilly Band/Facebook

Hi-diddly-ho, neighborinos! There's a new metal -- or, is it Ned-al -- band in Arizona inspired by beloved "Simpsons" character Ned Flanders.

The band is a quintet, made up of five guys who all wear the same Ned Flanders outfit. They also have Ned names, naturally -- Head Ned, Bled Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned and Stead Ned -- and most of their songs are direct Ned Flanders quotes turned into music.

Their first concert is set to take place on the evening of September 5 in Phoenix. Sadly, the gig won't take place at the Leftorium -- a fictional store the "Simpsons" southpaw ran for a handful of episodes of the show -- but instead will be played at The Trunk Space.

Sadly, Head Ned told website Rip It Up that the band doesn't really have any long-term ambitions, but it does have a lofty goal. "In reality, this is all just an over-the-top attempt at getting Matt Groening's autograph," Ned Head said, "even if it comes on a cease-and-desist letter."

And, who knows, the band very well might get the old cease-and-desist letter from Groening, creator of the long-running animated TV show, and company. Even if it does, there are probably worse ways to score an autograph, and this is certainly a creative effort.

If you happen to be in Phoenix on September 5 and decide to see the Ned Flanders-themed Okilly Dokilly show in person, we have a feeling you'll be nodding your head faster than you can say hi-diddly-ho. Otherwise, you can listen to their dang-diddly demo tracks below.