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This PC has designs on your living room

The entertainment PC from UK firm Mesiro is pretty--and pricey.

As far as living room PCs go, this is pretty unobtrusive--with an emphasis on the "pretty."

Mesiro Merium
The Mesiro Merium Home Entertainment PC comes in basic black... Mesiro

The Merium Home Entertainment PC is designed by Norwegian company Mesiro and has to be one of the loveliest depositories for your digital media you want to access from your living room TV.

Mesiro Merium
... and with several other stylish, interchangeable faceplates. Mesiro

With Windows Vista Home Premium, 250GB of storage space, a Core 2 Duo processor, Wi-Fi, and an included remote and wireless keyboard, the Merium is a more than decent PC, but what makes it stand out is its interchangeable faceplates. You can get piano black, sleek white, and other solid colors, or you can get really personalized with a cover that mimics wood paneling, zebra stripes, or paisley.

The price of beauty, in this case, is a bit high. Mesiro is asking $1,578 for the PC plus the black and white faceplates, and $87 for each additional cover.

(Via Engadget)