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This Mac screensaver mimics the familiar iOS 7 lock screen

Want to add a bit more of iOS 7's look and feel to your Mac? Look no further than this free screensaver.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

It's no secret there's a lot of crossover in the look and feel of Apple's two operating systems, iOS and OS X. It doesn't take long to see how much of an influence iOS has had on OS X over the last few years, and it's only going to continue into the future.

Taking that general idea and adding to it, a developer decided to create and release a free screensaver for OS X to recreate the lock screen of iOS, as 9to5Mac originally reported.

You can download the screensaver here.

To recreate the parallax effect of iOS 7 there's a slight zoom effect when the screensaver is running, which can be disabled in the screensaver settings. Also changeable is the background, font size and color, and clock type.

Installation of the screensaver can be a bit of a hurdle (because of Gatekeeper and your security settings), but as long as you follow the instructions in the downloaded file, you'll be up and running in no time.

You can easily uninstall or change screensavers at anytime by going to your System Preferences and selecting the Desktop & Screensaver panel.