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This is just to say...on toast?

Toast Messenger prints whatever you write or draw on its board.

Toaster Messenger

If only William Carlos Williams had owned this toaster when he left his note about the plums.

The Toast Messenger from Sasha Tseng prints out whatever you write or draw on its board in toast.

Even if poetry is not your thing, you may soften the blow of eating the last bit of something by serving up your apology alongside some eggs.

Toaster Messenger with pen

Forget words, how about drawing polka dots or stripes or even a skull and cross-bones on your toast.

No pricing information available as yet. Kudos to and Yanko Design for finding this Japanese invention.

And yes, this does seem to be one of those gadgets that's just too good to be true. I would love to get my hands on this one to test out.