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This drone is more delicious than dangerous

The dawn of the drone era got you spooked? A homemade chocolate quadcopter that can be melted and turned into fondue if it misbehaves might ease your worries.

At last, a surveillance tool for those with a sweet tooth! Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Drones are the future, much to the dismay of many privacy-conscious folks, and airline passengers who would prefer not to have the jet engine beneath their feet suck up a wayward quadcopter on take-off.

Perhaps we'd all welcome drones into our lives more readily if they also doubled as a delightful dessert. That's the brilliant notion pulled off in the video below showing a clever drone "chef" creating a homemade chocolate copter.

The entire frame of the quadcopter is made from melted chocolate poured into molds. Four rotors, a motor, and the rest of a drone kit are then simply attached to that delectable frame.

I suppose if you're already anti-drone this just adds another concern to your list -- increased risk of diabetes.

Watch the entire process of creating a drone that's definitely not half-baked in the video below.