There ain't no party like a GIF dance party

Got a few minutes to waste on the Internet? Of course you do. Check out this amazingly silly Web site showing GIFs having a good time.

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Every now and again, you stumble across something that's just so pointless, so sublimely silly, that all you can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to GIF Dance Party, our favorite Web site so far this week. It pretty much does exactly what it says in the name. Across a selection of five dance floors, you can place resizeable dancing GIFs from memes, cartoons, and videos and just... watch them go, really.

We don't even know where they're all from. What on earth is The Worm? How did that wizard get there? Are we behind the times? (Don't answer that.)

Then, when you've finished populating your dance floor with bopping BMOs and fandangoing Fabios, you can choose from a selection of catchy tunes to set the mood. And, if you have a GIF of your own that you think needs to join the party, you can e-mail it by hitting the "submit" button.

The Web site is the work of Web designer Alex, aka Fuzzy Wobble. In his own words, "I use my brain to make things. Magical things. I exploit the gap for some. I bridge the gap for others. Technology is my friend. I experiment. I create. I solve. I am a digital alchemist."

You can find a bunch more of his work here. We particularly like GIFPOW, a sort of live feed of GIFs from Reddit, 4chan, and soon Tumblr.

(Source: Crave Australia)