The world's tallest ever Lego tower erected in Hungary

Official Lego Builders travelled from Denmark to Hungary last week and succeeded in breaking the world record for the tallest ever tower of Lego.

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Sometimes you just have to do a thing just because you can. And sometimes you have to do a thing to see if you can do it better than someone else (who did it just because they could).

Last week, a team of Official Lego Builders arrived in Budapest with the aim to break the Guinness World Record for The Tallest Structure Built with Interlocking Plastic Bricks. The previous holder of that record claimed it in August last year by students in Delaware with a tower standing 34.43m (112ft 11in) tall and comprising some 500,000 bricks.

In just four days, the team in Budapest -- with some help from local children -- erected a tower in front of Saint Stephen's Basilica that reached 34.76m (114ft), topped by an oversized Lego representation of a Rubik's cube, to honour Erno Rubik, the toy's inventor.

In all, it came in at around 450,000 bricks and -- according to the Guinness World Record guidelines -- stood independently, with no adhesive or supports to keep it upright.

Given that 2012 saw that particular world record broken no less than three times, we suspect it won't be long before it happens again... but it still looks pretty spectacular. Check it out in all its glory in the video below, and see more photos on the official website.