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The Terminator goes on vacation in this animation, but he'll be back

When he's not hunting or protecting Sarah Connor, how does the Terminator relax? By going on vacation to Hawaii on Skynet Airlines, of course.

He may be a cybernetic killing machine, but even the Terminator needs a vacation from time to time. In this new animated short from the folks at Fox's Animation Domination High-Def, the Terminator leaves for Hawaii at the worst possible time.

In the middle of a war against the machines, the Terminator walks away, suitcase in hand, before telling a panicked Sarah Connor (who's desperately trying to fend off a robot attack) that he'll be back.

And he tells everyone else that he'll be back as well, from the attendant at Skynet Airlines to the kid who points out that Terminator has to wear a bathing suit on the non-nude beach to the waiter at the restaurant who asks about his dining experience. "I'll be back," Arnold says in basically every possible situation, and he always means it.

The Terminator comes back to the big screen in "Terminator Genisys," which hits theaters in the US and Australia on July 1, and the UK on July 2.