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The SmartFish is sexier than your average flying car

Out of Switzerland.


I won't even bother making the requisite jokes about how it's well past 2000 and we should all be behind the wheels of flying cars by now--that humor is so 2006. But I'm really digging the design of the SmartFish, a Swiss prototype for a hydrogen fuel-cell mini-aircraft that will optimally be more efficient than a car and will be able to travel at 560 miles per hour. Ooh, speedy. It'll be about 20 feet long and will hold two people, though the designers hope to work on a 20-seater version yet. (Perfect for your kid's soccer team.)

Sure, it's yet another flying car design, and we all know those have quite a few hurdles to clear before they can come to fruition, but the SmartFish is just sexy. Maybe being gorgeous will mean it gets put on the fast-track to production, you know, the same kind of rationale that lets supermodels jump the velvet-rope line at nightclubs.

(Via Gizmodo)