The Samsung XL2370 has entered the building

The highly anticipated Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 arrives, slim and trim.

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Here it is, your very own foot stand. Monitor sold separately...just kidding. Eric Franklin/CNET

If the Samsung SyncMaster P2370 went on a diet, got a few new features, and exchanged its CCFL (code cathode fluorescent lamp) backlight for LED backlighting, you'd basically have the Samsung XL2370.

I've been talking about the XL2370 since it was called the P2370L eight months ago. Back then, Samsung expected the XL to retail for about $400. Now they claim the estimated street price will be about $300.

The XL has a few connections that are missing from the P2370, including HDMI, built-in audio out, digital audio out, and it's like half an inch thinner, not to mention 1.5 pounds lighter.

All right, I can't very well write a review and a blog at the same time, so let me leave you with some quick shots. Look for a full review here in the next few days.

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