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The Real Deal 193: Road Test - CES edition (podcast)

Tom and Rafe discuss the gear they used to cover the consumer electronics show and how well it fared.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
3 min read

Tom and Rafe discuss the gear they used to cover the consumer electronics show and how well it fared.

Watch this: Ep. 193: Road Test - CES edition


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Episode 193

Tech we used to cover CES – how did it hold up?

Tech is really getting simple. Used to have to lay out a war kit for covering a show. Now, standard hardware and software does it.
Sprint EVDO card (never used)
Nikon D50, S400 flash, 18-200 lens
Flip camera

The double-wide trailer with our hard-wired connection

iMovie – Great!!

To stay in touch:
iPhone charge issues

Timbuk2 Commute.

Virgin America airlines – free wifi!

Other tools I like: CoverItLive, WordPress iPhone app.

Laptop – MacBook Pro – issues with screen output onto big screens. Otherwise.fine. battery life adequate.
MiFi – keeping it turned off is a challenge. Needed it once and battery was drained.
Kensington iPhone Battery – Life saver. Not as elegant as Mophie Juice Pack.
Logitech MX wireless mouse – Perfect.


Darren from Hak5 (http://www.hak5.org/) called in with the gear he used at CES

asus ul30a-x5

sima sl-20lx

kata r-103


Hi Tom and Rafe!
I have an older desktop PC that runs Windows XP. I was wondering, how do I load Chrome OS (beta) on a flash drive, and then boot the computer from the flash drive? Is it possible that I could make is so that when the flash drive is plugged in, it will boot up Chrome OS, but when the flash drive isn’t plugged in, it will boot up the regular Windows XP? Also, could I get it to fit on a 2 GB flash drive? Also, I’m not super tech savvy so you know any simple tutorials I could use to do this?

Thanks so much! You guys are the best!
-George B.

Answer: Use this tutorial to make the USB drive. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/download-google-chrome-os-and-run-on-a-real-computer/ You can set BIOS to boot in order by preference.


After it received rave reviews at cnet and, um, from Leo Laporte, I
recently installed Microsoft Security Essentials. It told me to
uninstall all my other security software, which I ignored, except for
one antispyware program, which had been annoying and I was not sorry
to see go. Now there is a new version of AVG Anti-Virus available. I
have had the free version of this on my computer for longer than I can
remember, and I have admired how light it was compared with, say,
Norton, and how free it was. I feel a little guilty about uninstalling
it, but the new version won’t install as long as I have Microsoft
Security Essentials installed as well. Should I say goodbye to my
free, shareware protector of the past and let the big corporate
program take care of me in the future? And does this mean that I’m
growing up?

Thanks for any advice
and Love. The. Show.

The Administrative Law Judge in New York.

Just stick with MSE.


Hey Tom and Rafe,

I am planning on getting a sling player to stream my TV on my pc , iphone, ect. Here’s is my problem. I have my router from verizon connected via COAX cable. This router has to stay in my room on the second floor because I had linked up the router with the printers. So what I want to do is basically connect the sling box downstairs to the router via Wifi since the slingbox doesn’t include wifi built-in. I checked out the slinglink but it is I think too expensive for what it does. Is there any other alternate way to connect the slingbox via wifi?

Thanks. Calvin

Answer: There’s another solution, but it’s not much less expensive: Powerline networking. I’ve used it and it was reliable in my house. Costs about the same. Example product: http://www.amazon.com/Netgear-85Mbps-Powerline-Network-Adapter/dp/B001AZUTCS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1263334437&sr=1-2

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