The new Apple Watch TV commercial isn't new

Technically Incorrect: Apple's first ad for its new smartwatch resembles so many Apple ads that went before it.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Does it make you want to strap it on? Apple Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you're sentient and over 7 years old, you'll be familiar with Apple product launches.

There's a show in which executives dress tolerably or not so tolerably. There's a famous person on stage who's there to add a little additional glamor to the occasion.

Then there's the ad that has lots of shots of the product doing lots of things set to music that Apple hopes will make you feel absurdly, ridiculous happy.

Here, then, is Apple's first ad for its new Watch.

It has lots of shots of the product doing lots of things. Well, you know the rest. It's a moving version (in the sense of in-motion, rather than emotive) of a 12-page print ad Apple released in Vogue just before the launch.

The music begins with hand-clapping. Honestly, what could be more apposite after today's convocation by acclamation?

Of course, the product is big on screen, thereby making those with large fingers feel that even they will be able to operate this latest march of time.

Some might endure a sudden chuckle in the essential swerve toward customization of bands and watch faces portrayed here.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Apple's head of design Jony Ive suggested that Motorola's MotoMaker customization was " abdicating your responsibility as a designer."

One man's abdication is another man's ascent.

Of course, this will likely be only the first tick in the creation of a new aristocracy. There will be more ads, more inducements and more temptations to wander into your Apple store at the end of April and be seduced.

Time waits for no man in this FOMO world.