The many faces of multipurpose gadgets, part 2

We're not sure we'd wear false metal eyelashes that also control gadgets, but we have to respect how seriously all these creations take versatility.

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Leslie Katz
These fake eyelashes let the wearer power devices on and off just by blinking. Beauty Technology

Why wear a plain old dress when you can don one that flies? Or that same old, same old sweater that just sits there being a sweater when you can opt for one that turns you into a game controller or TV remote?

In part two of our series on multipurpose gadgets, we take a look at still more products that do double or even triple duty for the price of one. From a mouse that doubles as a portable speaker and triples as a speakerphone to false eyelashes that also control gadgets, these creations take versatility very, very seriously.

Got a favorite multitasking product we didn't cover here? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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Marvelous multipurpose gadgets (pictures)

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