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The Buzz Report where I seriously hope Kevin Rose can take a joke

This week on the Buzz Report, iPad and iPhone OS update, and Kevin Rose takes over as CEO of Digg and also throws up on camera. Yeah. It's a good one.

I gotta say, I'm really proud of this week's Buzz Report--plus, it's extra-large for your enjoyment, at more than 6 minutes long! There's this week's ruling on the FCC's ability to enforce Net neutrality regulations, a little iPad talk (did you know you can take it through airport security and leave it in your bag?), and a little breaking news insert to update you on the big iPhone OS 4.0 announcement (we do in 90 seconds what Steve Jobs does in 90 minutes). And Kevin Rose takes over as Digg's interim CEO with a reminder that what happens on the Internet is always fair game for only slightly vicious humor. Enjoy!

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