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The buzz over BlackBerry's keyboard

Target drops the Kindle, Spotify jams on the iPad, and Research In Motion creates a buzz over the new BlackBerry virtual keyboard and time-bending camera.

In today's show, we're flowing through apps, fixing our faces and keeping track of the roomie's tab:

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At the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando, we learn more details on the BlackBerry 10 operating system. The interface has a multitasking feature called Flow View and the camera has a time-bending feature that can make sure everyone in a photo looks their best.

And though Research in Motion is pushing it's new virtual keyboard, the CEO made it clear today that the company is not abandoning physical keys. After this new all-touchscreen model is released later in the year, RIM will continue to create phones with physical keyboards.

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In other news, streaming music service Spotify released an app for the iPad (something fans have been long requesting).

Target stores will stop selling Amazon's Kindle e-readers because of... a conflict of interest?

And if you're in the market for a new smartphone on AT&T, the HTX One X goes on sale Sunday. Our editors are quite fond of it.

Here's a handy app for housemates or for anyone going off to college: Conmigo. It helps you track and share living expenses with roommates. Log your purchases and record how much everyone owes -- keeping things fair and square.

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