The Aquapub never closes

The six-person Aquapub table gives you your own swim-up bar or a poolside picnic table.

Tim Moynihan


Falling off a barstool has never been this refreshing.

The Aquapub is either the best idea ever, the worst idea ever, or somewhere close to either hash mark. It's been available for a while, but it's hard to find any pricing info on the official site. Other blogs claim it costs around $1,400.

The six-person table weighs about 90 lbs. and can be used both in the water and poolside. The Aquapub's surface is made from recycled materials, and the table itself is filled with polyurethane to keep it from sinking.

Obvious pros include having your very own swim-up bar, being able to use the table on solid ground as well, the inclusion of an umbrella, and the table's somewhat incredible ability to support just one person without teetering over.

Obvious cons include having a bunch of drunks always hanging out in your pool, the high price tag, and your neighbor Ron, who will totally do cannonballs and soak everyone sitting at the table.