The 404 Podcast 498: Where Jeff battles the Triad

Two Asian podcast hosts + one surprise Asian guest = a very pale Jeff Bakalar.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
Justin Yu covered headphones and peripherals for CNET.
Justin Yu
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The 404/CNET

We love getting (scheduled) visits from fans of The 404, especially when they come with treats for us! Henry Chu, aka Charlie Chu, aka Tapchus in the chat room, stopped by this morning to pick up some stickers and ended up joining us in the studio for the first segment of the show. If you're watching the video, that's Henry taking some flicks of the CNET podcast studio. Be sure to send us those pictures, Henry, and thanks for the delicious pastries!

Plenty of stories to talk about today, including a kooky wedding stunt courtesy of Gizmodo. Instead of a traditional flower girl, an S.F. bride commissioned her robot-crazed sister to build a flower-bearing bot instead! We're all nerds here, but unfortunately Jeff tells us that there will be no robots in attendance at his wedding in October 2010.

Next up, we have some very exciting news, albeit three years too late, about the "Arrested Development" movie starting to unfold. The movie starts production this year, and despite rumors about Michael Cera, the entire cast will reprise their roles in the movie. Can't wait!

If you were ever a fan of the Mega Man series, get ready for Mega Man 10! We take a special look at Mega Man's eight new enemies (with eight painfully uncreative names, like Sheep Man) in the downloadable title, available for all three platforms this March.



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