The 404 747: Where we're interrupting your dogmatic conversation (podcast)

We're interrupting your dogmatic chat today to talk about T-Pain's Facebook tattoo, push-up underwear tech for men, and whether or not it makes sense for the average family to cut the cable TV cord.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
Justin Yu covered headphones and peripherals for CNET.
Justin Yu

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We're back to start another week of shows, but before Wilson bores us to death with avant-garde filmmaking movements from 1995, we briefly summarize each of our weekends spent swimming at the local "prison gym," watching all-star hockey games, and whatever it is that Wilson spends his time doing outside of work.

After that, look forward to a dynamic chat about the mysterious location of T-Pain's Facebook "Like" tattoo, Dragon Quest VI arriving too late for a gamer grandma, push-up tighty whities for the modest man, and five families in Boston that unanimously decided against ditching their cable TV connection in lieu of various on-demand set-top boxes.

Oh, and the city of Austin, Texas, is launching a Twitter campaign to rename its Solid Waste Services Department to the "Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts." So there's that, too.

Episode 747


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