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The 404 714: Where we're going stream-only (podcast)

Scott Stein joins us today to talk about iPad OS 4.2, Netflix stream-only, and more.

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Justin Yu is taking an extended Thanksgiving holiday this year, which is probably a good thing because the man needs to pack on at least 30 pounds to be considered healthy by most medical professionals. His replacement? None other than one of the regular 404 alternate captains, Mr. Scott Stein.

On today's show we'll talk about the launch of Netflix's stream-only plan, something our Canadian neighbors have been enjoying for quite some time. We'll weigh the pros and cons of said plan, ultimately trying to figure out whether $7.99 a month for unlimited episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" is really worth it.

Next it's on to iPad OS 4.2, the software update that brings with it multitasking to the iPad! Just think, you'll finally be able to print those photos off your iPad that took 6 hours to get on the damn thing in the first place because it doesn't have any USB ports. Cool!

All this plus the never-ending debate over whether Angry Birds should be counted as much of a video game as Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's all here on today's episode of The 404!

Episode 714


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