The 404 676: Where Mark Zuckerberg sees dead people (podcast)

On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, we discuss last night's screening of The Social Network, including Sorkin's screenplay, Reznor/Ross's score, actor performances, & our suspicions about the truthfulness of the story.

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Watch this: Ep. 676: Where Mark Zuckerberg sees dead people

Big thanks to Sony for sending us to last night's prescreening of "The Social Network". Of course, all three of us loved the film, and without giving away any spoilers, we spend some time at the beginning of today's episode of The 404 Podcast to discuss everything we loved (Sorkin's screenplay, Reznor/Ross's score, actor performances, etc...) as well as our suspicions about the truthfulness of the story, but with a 100 percent freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, you should definitely see for yourself!

It seems that at least one story on The 404 per week is dedicated to the movie "Hackers," and this week we're celebrating the 15th anniversary of the movie's 1995 release by running through Alexander Sotirov's Cyberpunk Style Guide.

The photoblog showcases some of the movie's best wardrobe choices, which includes a lot of multipocketed vests, latex leggings, rollerblades, and at least one cat shirt. Of course, Jeff's favorite scene featuring Angelina Jolie in a NJ Devil's jersey is always represented on the site as well.

It's hard to believe, but George Lucas and his visual effects teams at LucasFilms and ILM are actually re-re-releasing the six "Star Wars" films in 3D, starting with "The Phantom Menace" in 2012. After that, Lucas will release one "Star Wars" film per year in 3D, and Lucas says by 2012, enough theaters around the country will have the 3D technology to support a wide release.

Sounds like a plot to squeeze a billion or so more dollars out of the series, and while many fans were irate about the changes and additions to the beloved classics, apparently the 3D releases will also include even more never-before-seen footage. For die-hard fans who can't wait, the Star Wars films will also be available in high definition on 2D Blu-ray next year.

Episode 676


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