The 404 648: Where we know exactly where you are (podcast)

Jill Schlesinger replaces Justin to talk Facebook Places, Twitter followers, and young people and privacy. And, of course, she answers your financial questions.

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Jill Schlesinger, aka Aunt Jill of CBS MoneyMoney, fills in for Justin, who is waiting for the cable guy. I believe they told him they'd come sometime between today and next week between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. (We all know how the cable guy loves to be on time).

Watch this: Ep. 648: Where we know exactly where you are

On today's show, we talk about Facebook Places, a location-based check-in service. Say you're at a fantastic restaurant. You'll be able to check in with your mobile phone with GPS, leave comments about the food and service, tag your friends who are there, and even upload pictures of your experience (yes, you will be that guy). Facebook, at the same time, will notify your friends who are in the area, as they might want to join.

Places works with other check-in services like FourSquare and Yelp. The company hopes to work with businesses and marketers to offer you suggestions, advertising, and discounts. If all this sounds like you'd be giving up too much information, you can choose privacy settings so that only certain friends and family know. In the future, though, don't be surprised to get a discount notification the next time you walk past Starbucks.

Jill doesn't like Facebook Places one bit, but she is on her way to gaining more Twitter followers. She's aiming to officially reach 2,500 followers by the end of October. In fact, she made a nice little video for you all to watch. Check it out.

In the meantime, we answer some questions about credit cards for young people (don't go overboard, but it's not a bad idea); index funds; and foreign exchanges. Finally, Jill tells us about a Citibank and Mastercard service that will help you follow a budget that you've set up for yourself by actively denying purchases in certain categoies. It's proactive, and it would certainly be embarassing you if you're at a restaurant and your card gets declined. But at least you checked in with Facebook Places!

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