The 404 647: Where we bake meat into bread (podcast)

Today's episode features a preview of T-Mobile's G2, an eBay auction for a witch spell to make your butt bigger, and a critique of the upcoming Rock Band 3!

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Justin Yu
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Today's episode of The 404 Podcast begins with a short lesson in Chinese breakfast foods and our love for combining savory meat into sweet bread. The dish in question is called char siu bao and it's a dim sum staple that you can also find in most Chinese bakeries--even Jeff seems to enjoy it, so you know it can't be that bad!

Before we make you too hungry, we'll touch on the new T-Mobile G2, the first smartphone to run on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. The original T-Mobile G1 was the first Google Android phone released two years ago and, along with the Apple iPhone, helped lead a wave of "supersmartphones."

We don't know much about the G2 and can only speculate about its features for now, but T-Mobile did announce that the phone will run on its enhanced 3G network called HSPA+. Forty major metropolitan areas including Los Angeles and New York can expect to carry HSPA+ at the time of the phone's release, and though the network isn't exactly 4G technology, it'll certainly make it easier to watch movies from sites like Hulu and YouTube directly on your phone.

On a less serious note, a "powerful Wiccan Witch" is advertising eBay auctions for spells that promise the perfect butt to anyone willing to throw down $8.95 for the "Buy It Now" price. The seller, Amelia, has apparently been casting successful spells for over 20 years with assistance from her Coven, and though her spells claim to be authentic (you can even buy double and triple castings, which increase their power), we're a little wary about the fine print at the bottom, which reads: "I am not responsible for any paranormal activity you may or may not experience."

CNET/The 404 Star Wars TK helmet made by Props Guy Jim! CNET/The 404

Regardless, if a bigger booty isn't your first wish, Amelia also has other auctions on eBay that let you remove a curse, develop psychic abilities, and, yes, Wilson- even one to increase the size of your privates.

A new Rock Band 3 game is currently available for preorder, and the latest iteration adds more realism to the plastic instruments with six string-like sensors on the new guitar, separate frets that run across the length of the guitar neck, and a new keyboard peripheral that CNET editor Dan Ackerman best describes as a "real MIDI keyboard with a little bit of game controller DNA." Before we hit the break, the three of us explore the world of "plastic band" gaming and the importance of immersive realism in Rock Band.

We asked for it, and we got it! Remember Props Guy Jim's custom 404 Star Wars squadron helmet we showed you two days ago? We half-jokingly wished that we could see it in person, and Jim actually sent it over! Click through the slide show below to see the rest of the pictures, and thanks again to Props Guy Jim!

404 Rebel Alliance Helmet, courtesy of Props Guy Jim!

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